Visit St Vincent and The Grenadines

visit st vincent and the grenadines

Visit St Vincent and the Grenadines

This month I traveled to the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to visit family (my father is originally from St. Vincent). While being there for 2 weeks, we took a day trip to the Grenadines where I literally fell in love.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines comprises of the main island St. Vincent and a series of 7 smaller islands called the Grenadines. These islands are absolutely breathtaking and a particularly popular for yachts and sailing.

We took our tour with Fantasea Tours. Our trip began on a speed boat which took us to Bequia, the largest island of the Grenadines, where we picked up another couple for the excursion. We then headed out into the sea towards the Tobago Cays.

visit st vincent and the grenadines

On the way to the Tobago Cays we passed Canouan and other Grenadine island which looked so beautiful. The sand so white and looked empty. Truly a jewel and quite untouched. Our tour guide mentioned that a small airport will be opening on the island.

visit st vincent and the grenadines

The Tobago cays is a marine park with beautiful reefs, and sea turtles. Once we arrived, we were met with a bunch of catamarans and yachts of other people visiting the cays. There weren’t many people there and it still felt like we had the place to ourselves.

We jumped into the crystal clear water and snorkeled. Spotting some colourful fish and sea turtles. Amazing.

After snorkeling, we head to Mayreau for lunch. Mayreau is just breathtaking. We docked the boat and headed to restaurant for lunch and wifi break (lol).

visit st vincent and the grenadines


The beach in Mayreau is definitely one of my faves. Clear water and sand. And almost nobody there. I love going to places that are untouched.

visit st vincent and the grenadines

The speedboat ride back to the mainland was pretty rough. Considering we had travelled far to get to Mayreau, the ride was long and the waves were crazy. I’m not going to lie, i was pretty scared.


For this reason i don’t recommend taking a speedboat from the mainland to do a tour like this. Rather I recommend flying to Union Island and taking a day trip from there.


The Grenadine islands are pretty unpopulated. The tourism industry in St. Vincent is still young, so visiting there is a treat given that there aren’t many tourists. Its no wonder that many celebrities frequent the Grenadines – there is a lot of privacy.


This may change in the coming years since St. Vincent did just open their brand new international airport in late 2016. This will likely change things as more flights will be able to land on the island.


Next time I come i will probably spend a few nights on either Bequia or Union island.

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